Vol. 2 available now / $10 at PayPal.me/davestonecomedy / $16 for Vol. 1 & 2

Vol. 2 available now / $10 at PayPal.me/davestonecomedy / $16 for Vol. 1 & 2



Hey Y'all! I'm trying to tidy up the place. Make yourself at home, buy a ticket to a show, check out a sample episode of DAVE'S KITCHEN, listen to THE GRAVY BOAT or pick up a copy of my KITCHEN SURVIVAL GUIDE. Hang out as long as you want, I ain't doing nuthin' important.

Season 1 of Gravy Boat 

Just wrapped up the 10th and final episode of season one of my podcast / radio show / whatever "The Gravy Boat".  I hope you all enjoyed it and if you did, make sure to pass the word on.  I feel like it's hands-down the best online radio show recorded from a van in a fast food parking lot.

Keep your eyes and ears open, Season 2 will be here before you know it.  Click here to listen to "The Gravy Boat" on Soundcloud.

New Website is Here 

Yeah, I'm getting all fancy with a new website.  For a few more months, my old website (davestonestandup.com) will still be up, but it's old and out of date, so just ignore it.

With the new website, I will be able to keep you all updated on my going-ons, from tour dates and podcast news, to selling merch.  I hope you like what you see and if you have any feedback, don't hesitate to get ahold of me.  It's really easy to do now, just go to the "Contact" page and send me a message.  Thanks for all the support!


Check Out All-New Episodes of "The Boogie Monster" and "Gravy Boat".